First Slice 10-17-12: President Obama finally takes advantage of Mitt Romney’s ‘47 percent’ remarks

Debates, fuel rates, app building, and so much more


1. In case you missed it, the second presidential debate took place last night. Judging by early polls, President Obama won this round, rebounding from his dismal performance two weeks ago. It also appears that he finally got the memo about taking advantage of Gov. Romney’s “47 percent” comments — which he discussed in his closing statements.

2. The AJC uncovered a series of emails — going back to late July and early August — related to the recent North Atlanta High School leadership changes. In those conversation, several parents made complaints about the administration’s “institutional racism.”

3. Starting on Jan. 1, Georgia Power plans on decreasing its fuel rates, citing lower natural gas prices due to an increased supply as well as this year’s mild summer.

4. A new study shows that Georgia’s app economy amounts to over $1 billion per year. That includes an estimated 24,000 jobs related to app development — ranking the state in the top 10 nationwide.

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