First Slice 10-18-12: Hunting Terminus’ roots

ATL’s most famed illegal immigrant is off the hook, and more


1. It all began with a stone stuck in the ground, called the Zero Mile Post, in an area where two major railroads would connect the port city of Savannah with a swath of the country at large. For a while, before it started picking up catchy and often annoying nicknames like “Hotlanta” and “Chicago of the South,” it was known simply as Terminus.

Editor-in-Chief of Atlanta’s satire hub the Atlanta Banana peels back the laughs long enough to go Scoutmobing for Atlanta’s origins, and ponder the significance of it all:

“A chill ran up my spine. Where would I be without that thing? Where would my Atlanta heroes be? On what street corner in America would Willy Terry’s stretchy-shorted bulge be visible if not for Briarcliff and Ponce? To what other town would Baton Bob be bringing joy? From whence would Coke-a-cola or CNN have sprung forth? Would they have at all?”

2. A North Carolina university may soon give Chik-fil-A the boot from serving up students on campus. The Student Government Association at Elon University, a high-dollar private college, recently voted in favor of a measure asking administrators to ban the company based on its leader’s controversial views on same-sex marriage.

3. The Cobb County district attorney charged with prosecuting metro Atlanta’s most famed illegal immigrant, Jessica Colotl, says its over. According to the DA, Colotl has successfully completed a pretrial diversion program, which included more than 150 hours of community service, and accepted a plea bargain that avoids prosecution and a criminal record.

4. Bored on a rainy Thursday? Atlanta Waffle House brawls to the rescue.

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