First Slice 11-3-15: Go vote, DeKalb County

Plus, Buckhead squatter just wants to start a bed and breakfast, that's all

Voters in DeKalb County have a busy day ahead of them. Some will decide Decatur municipal elections while others will determine whether LaVista Hills and Tucker should become cities, along with an ethics overhaul and other races. Here's where you can find a sample ballot and your polling place. And here's some background on the candidates and issues. 
? Some Buckhead residents are concerned over squatters moving in to a vacant and deteriorating home that recently sold for $850,000. One squatter interviewed by WSB-TV says the former owner is a "second cousin twice removed" and that he wants to turn the Lenox Road house into a bed and breakfast.
? State Sen. Curt Thompson, D-Norcross, has been found in contempt of court and jailed in Douglas County. A judge says Thompson, a lawyer, failed to give the court information as to why he could not appear on a certain date to represent his client.
? Should the University of Georgia kindly send Coach Mark Richt to the sidelines, bleachers, dressing room, or whatever sports metaphor equates to "somewhere else?"
? A "Hunger Games" theme park is possibly coming to metro Atlanta. It will be strange. 

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