First Slice 12-27-13: Delta accidentally unleashes laughably low fares


  • Joeff Davis
  • With fares this low you could just go check out the clouds

A computer glitch on Wednesday morning caused Delta to accidentally sell tickets for extremely low prices. Ranging from $7.82 for a roundtrip ticket to Tampa, which is far less than you’d have to pay me to visit Tampa, to $27 for a roundtrip ticket from Tallahassee to Los Angeles, the glitch was eventually caught and corrected. The low priced tickets will be honored. No word yet on how the handful of low fares will impact Delta’s “record $2.6 billion pre-tax profit for 2013.” Bailout?

MARTA’s “Ride with Respect” campaign is really resonating with people. Take for example this recent video of two passengers playing a game of Cowboys and Idiots. Two grown men, one a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and one a proud supporter of the Atlanta Falcons, came to blows while riding a train and discussing the respective legacies of the two American football clubs.

Gov. Nathan Deal has proposed a series of reforms to make re-entering society more manageable for nonviolent ex-offenders. The plan includes housing aid and barring some state agencies from automatically disqualifying applicants with a criminal history. Other GA lawmakers are calling for more reforms including job training and providing potential incentives for companies that choose to hire ex-convicts.

Now that the Affordable Care Act is firmly in place, Republicans aren’t really sure what to do with themselves. The NYT summed up their plight: “Republicans are wondering aloud how long they can keep up the single-minded tactic of highlighting what is wrong with the law without saying what they would do about the problems it was supposed to address.”

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