First Slice 3-2-12: East Point public meetings now available with 100 percent more drama

‘Turn down your thermostats!’


  • Joeff Davis/CL File
  • Independent candidates will continue to face an uphill battle to get their names on Georgia ballots.

1. Big trouble — i.e. people charging the mayor at public meetings, men yelling at residents to stop taking three-hour lunches, etc. — in East Point. All on video!

2. Georgia’s retail industry wants the state to start charging sales tax on online purchases. Good or bad?

3. “Hey, Leon? Can you tell school officials that we’re probably gonna have a $41 million funding shortfall on those construction projects? Naw, never mind. I’ll tell them. No, I won’t forget.”

4. An effort to reform Georgia’s harsh ballot access law is dead — DEAD! — until next year. Jason Pye at Peach Pundit has tossed some angry words on the Internet about the news.

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