First Slice 3-31-13: Piedmont Park’s lake is not for swimming

Plus, R.I.P. Elwin Wilson

A man hopped in Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park yesterday afternoon and bobbed up and down for two hours, according to reddit user JCool123. “They had 4 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, and a shit ton of cops just to get this one guy out of the water,” he or she wrote.

Plans for the downtown train terminal located on top of the Gulch in downtown are moving along. No word on when we’d see trains actually serve that massive facility.

People named in grand jury indictments related to the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal are expected to turn themselves in on Tuesday. The grand jury has reportedly set multi-million-dollar bonds for several defendants, including former superintendent Beverly Hall.

The South Carolina man who expressed remorse for attacking Congressman John Lewis, D-Atlanta, during the Freedom Rides in the 1960s has died. Elwin Wilson, a former Ku Klux Klan member, became a “national symbol for reconciliation and redemption” after apologizing to the icon of the Civil Rights Movement. He was 76.

Save the Berlin Wall!

And Kim Jung-Un, it’s Easter weekend, just leave us all alone.

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