First Slice 3/5/12: Advertisers to Limbaugh: 'Drop dead.' Plus, what's the best coffee shop in Atlanta?

Some Monday morning headlines to get your week started

Image 1. As controversy swells over Rush Limbaugh's calling law student/birth control advocate Sandra Fluke a "slut," seven advertisers have jumped ship. Awesome.

2. After a weekend of tornado damage it looks like it's going to be a sunny day today with a high of 54° ...

3. WSJ's Aaron Rutkoff gives a play-by-play recap of last nights episode of the Walking Dead. This show has diverged so wildly from the comic that what happens next is anyone's guess.

4. Tomorrow (Tues., March 6), ATL voters will decide the fate of a 1 percent municipal option sales tax to fund water and sewer projects. If renewed for a couple more four-year terms we’re looking at $750 million here.

5. And last, but not least, the second-annual "Best Brew Awards," a Facebook poll conducted by Krups, named Condesa Coffee one of the 11 best coffee shops across the county. Really? The coffee at Condesa is pretty great, but top 11 across the country?

Please tell us, what do you think is the best coffee shop in Atlanta?

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