First Slice 4-25-12: Weave thieves at it again (or still)

Timelapse: Atlanta, GA by Colin Smith from Colin Smith on Vimeo.

1. My dial-up modem wouldn’t let me watch it, but I bet this timelapse video of Atlanta’s skyline is cool because timelapse videos of all things are cool.

2. Mitt Romney won all of yesterday’s primaries — Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island — and says “it’s on” with Obama. And somewhere Newt Gingrich is, like, “Not so fast ...”

3. Early this morning, a weave thief was seen ramming a U-Haul truck through a Sylvan Road beauty supply store’s front windows and making off with a box of merchandise. Last Thursday, thieves rammed a stolen car through the windows of a weave shop on Martin Luther King, Jr. drive. It’s only a matter of time until thieves start stealing hair extensions right out of people’s heads.

4. ICYMI: Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters headline Music Midtown. So ’90s, so fun.

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