First Slice 5-10-15: State leaders wonder why Volvo didn’t ask Georgia to prom

Plus, good ways to ruin a graduation ceremony

Georgia leaders are licking their wounds after South Carolina has apparently edged out the Peach State and scored a new Volvo manufacturing plant. State leaders had pushed for the carmaker to build a facility near Savannah.

The drama continues: Three more board members, including former state Sen. Jason Carter, resigned from the group in charge of organizing this year’s Nobel Peace Laureates summit in Atlanta.

Georgia and South Carolina are in talks about joining a multi-state compact committed to building high-speed rail in the Southeast.

The founder and principal of a Gwinnett County private school is facing criticism after her controversial remarks — “Look who’s leaving, all the black people” — sparked a walkout during a graduation ceremony.

Atlanta Police are investigating the shooting of a 25-year-old man near D.H. Stanton Park in Peoplestown over the weekend.

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the Leo Frank lynching in Marietta.

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