First Slice 5-13-13: N.C., GA GOP love local control... until they don’t

Plus, Ted wins in court


What do Georgia and North Carolina Republicans have in common? They both like screwing over Democratic-controlled local governments! (On that same note, why aren’t state lawmakers pushing to reform Gwinnett County, which has wrestled with corruption charges?)

Why would anyone want to buy a ticket and visit the new Atlanta Falcons football stadium when they can watch games from the comfort of their half-finished basement “bonus room” outfitted with counterfeit jerseys, yellowing posters, and knock-off footballs that they won at Six Flags?

Sign o’ the end times?

Great. Just when we stopped worrying about being attacked by those ants crawling on the ceiling at the Atlanta airport, now we might have to watch out for bomb-sniffing dogs.

Cobb County prosecutors say a seemingly normal 45-year-old restaurateur called in a bomb threat to courthouses. But no one seems to know why.

A Montana judge said an Atlanta man named “Ted Turner” will be allowed to keep a bunch of bison calves from Yellowstone National Park that he helped raise.

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