First Slice 5-24-12: Neil Armstrong gives rare interview to Australian accountants

And scientists finally figure how to get ketchup out of the bottle


  • NASA/Wikimedia Commons
  • Neil Armstrong’s dad wants to see your receipts.

1. Old moonboots himself Neil Armstrong rarely speaks publicly, save for shaking his moon fist and yelling to get off his moon lawn at the neighbor kids. But the former astronaut recently sat down for an hourlong interview to discuss his Space Race experiences with the CEO of Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia. Fun fact: Armstrong’s father was an auditor - a little-known tidbit the CEO knew and which scored him the sit down.
[[|via the Atlantic Wire]]

2. Last night Phillip Phillips, a young man from Leesburg, Ga., with two first names and a dream, won “American Idol.” Jennifer Lopez told him, “There’s nothing on the radio that sounds like that,” which I’m sure isn’t true. [[|via]]

3. A headline: “MIT Scientists Figure Out How to Get Ketchup Out of the Bottle.” Instead of buying the Easy Squeeze bottle (or just shaking the damn thing), a group of scientists suggests coating the bottles’ interior with LiquiGlide a “wonder material” that allows goopy stuff to “slide out effortlessly with little residue.” [[|via Time Techland]]

4. Finally, that poor little baby beluga died.

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