First Slice 5-5-13: Georgia’s giveaways to attract jobs sometimes... don’t create many jobs

Plus, a Baltimore prison empire

Georgia doles out cash and incentives to attract businesses to set up shop in the state, which create jobs. What happens? In some cases, nothing. But still... JOBS!

A northwest Atlanta homeowner who says he’s warned the city about a tree it owns next to his house is pretty disappointed now that said tree has fallen on said home.

First rule of owning an iPhone: Never use your iPhone in public.

The Washington Post visits Walton County, the rural area 30 miles east of Atlanta, where the shooting of an intruder rallied residents to lock and load.

A group of Hawaiian fishermen is asking the federal government to remove humpback whales from the list of endangered species. And it’s not because they want to hunt the beautiful mammals.

This story about how an inmate nicknamed “Bulldog” built a criminal enterprise inside a Baltimore prison - and became a father while behind bars - is fascinating.

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