First Slice 6-10-13: Morris Brown says 'no thanks' to city bailout

Plus, don't #$%@ with the Tonys, CBS Atlanta


It's behind a paywall, but... Morris Brown College's board of trustees has rejected a $10 million bailout from the city, saying Mayor Kasim Reed's offer to use cash from the Westside Tax Allocation District to keep the bankrupt and shrinking school from shutting its doors was too low. City officials say they're keeping an eye on the Vine City campus because it could play a key role in the successful development of property around the proposed Atlanta Falcons stadium.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard defended his office's spending of forfeited cash and blasted TV news crews for trying to show his home. The move comes after the AJC reported that the DA spent tens of thousands of dollars seized in busts on galas, football tickets, and charitable donations. Howard was irked about news crews' attempts to film wrought-iron security doors he bought with the funds, saying the footage could put his and his family's lives at risk.

Musical fans are blowing up CBS Atlanta's Facebook page for cutting early from the Tony Awards to the 11 p.m. news.

Meet Edward Snowden, the former Central Intelligence Agency employee and defense contractor who leaked documents to The Guardian and the Washington Post about the National Security Agency's surveillance programs. Then meet Booz Allen Hamilton, the lucrative private firm where he used to work.

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