First Slice 6/8/12: GSU, Kwanza Hall set sights on Sweet Auburn

1. In a strange twist, this week New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg unleashed two proposals bound to turn some heads: a cap on the size of soft drinks restaurants and other venders can sell, and the virtual decriminalization of possessing small amounts of pot. That’s right, if both proposals go through street carts handing out super-sized sodas more than 16 ounces could face twice the fines as kids caught cheefing in the park.

2. The news that Sweet Auburn is again on the list of endangered historic locations has sprung some Atlantans and institutions into action. Kwanza Hall is calling for a “Marshall Plan” to help revitalize the district, while Georgia State University just announced plans to buy up two properties nearby. If all goes well, GSU hopes to house it’s Honors College, admissions office and a welcome center on the old Atlanta Life site at 100 Auburn Ave., and not build athletic fields as one Facebook commenter assumed.

3. And in the almost-news-but-not-really category, more than half of high schools seniors admitted to texting or emailing while driving within the past month, according to a new report released by the CDC. Of course, parents still think their little angels would never do such a thing, but is anyone else really surprised?

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