First Slice 8/16/12: Student newspaper goes 'Red and Dead'

News! That's what it is


1) A whole boatload of staffers at the University of Georgia’s Red and Black student newspaper called it quits yesterday (or at least walked out, no telling if its permanent as of now) following a decision that gave Ed Morales, a former advisor, full editorial control over the publication. The group has been picking up a hefty crowd of followers on their new Faacebook page, “Red and Dead.”

2) A bout of road rage evidently led a Gwinnett County man to claim he was a police officer, shout obscenities, and threaten to kill two fellow motorists. Probably not the brightest move.

3) Oh joy. Looks like gas prices are going back up.

4) The illustrious Thomas Wheatley posted yesterday about rumors of ATL’s new street car “looking all shiny and sexy on a flatbed truck,” and now its official. (H/T Atlanta subreddit)

5) And on the other side of the pond, Ecuador is accusing the United Kingdom of threatening to raid their London embassy to make good on the extradition of Julian Assange (you know, the Wikileaks guy) to Sweden for rape and assault questioning. Assange has been seeking refuge in the embassy since June.

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