Ed Loves Bacon - The Mansion Madam speaks out

Recently, Alejandro and I hung out and chatted with Melissa Wolf who's known to most as the infamous "Mansion Madam" of the exclusive Sugarloaf Country Club in Gwinnett County. The former erotic dancer and Penthouse centerfold is facing multiple charges including racqueteering and prostitution to name a few.

Melissa invited us to check out her million-dollar crib to talk. In return, we gave her the opportunity to explain her side of the story as it has been presented in the local press and several adult web sites.

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Melissa Wolf's official website: Learn more about the 'madam' and check out some of her...uh...wares or (under)wears.

Department 13: Melissa makes her B-screen debut in Boobie Trap. Check the site out for trailers and other great sleeze scream flicks.

The Erotic Review: It all started here folks. Check out the forum posts and see what's really going on.

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