Ed Loves Bacon - Marvel and NYC team up to find Spider-Man a job

Mayor Bloomberg helps a frustrated Parker find a job.

Image With unemployment numbers in New York City at 9.6 percent in September, it seems the city could only turn to one person to save the day - Spider-man uh ... Mayor Bloomberg.

Earlier today, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg held a press conference at a local comic book shop to announce that he's giving Spider-man a job. According to a press release from the mayor's office, Marvel Comics has partnered with the mayor's office and the New York Daily News to create a special edition of The Amazing Spider-Man comic book entitled "Spider-Man, You're Hired."

The eight-page comic follows Spidey's alter ego, a now frustrated Peter Parker as he searches for a job. A chance encounter with Mayor Bloomberg leads to a conversation that helps him utilize the resources provided by New York City.

“New York City provides free, first-rate job training and placement assistance, and we want every New Yorker that needs help to know about it, so we asked Spider-Man to help us spread the word,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “One of the reasons we created the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment was to find new ways to connect with New Yorkers. Our partnership with Marvel and the Daily News is a fun and innovative way to let everyone know about the web of resources the City has to offer New Yorkers that need job assistance.”

The Amazing Spider-Man: You're Hired was distributed today as an insert in The New York Daily News and is also available on Marvel's iPhone app. The comic was written by Warren Simon and illustrated by artist Todd Nauck. The cover was illustrated by Phil Jimenez.

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