Ed Loves Bacon - 'Summer and The City' at W Hotel Buckhead

Candace Bushnell premieres latest novel to Atlanta fans at the W Hotel Buckhead.


I've had to attend a few SATC events in my day. My roommate at the time, Maria, made me sit down and watch the show with her from time to time. It wasn't just about the fashions or the random acts of copulation in Mad Lib form around (and on) the streets of Manhattan, but she would sit me down and explain why this episode was so important. Although I would play the clueless dude through most of her diatribe, I got the point that she wanted me to know - women resonate with the universal ups and downs of navigating their daily lives in the pursuit of happiness and success. Its not that deep, but to her it was enough to go buy the DVDs and watch them before going to bed every night. I learned to drown out her guffaws, jeers and cheers at night with an equal volume of Adult Swim and ESPN.

Since then, I've made it through two movies, tons of pool parties and even some dates where the "which character from SATC do you think I am" has come up. FYI, nobody wants to be called a Samantha to their face on a first date.

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