Omnivore - The way white people were while eating out

For only $6.50 plus $1.95 handling, you can own this souvenir of the good old days of segregated Atlanta dining. Mammy's Shanty, popular in the '60s, was located near Pershing Point. Inside was Pappy's Plantation Lounge. Adjoining the main building was the Pickaninny Coffee Shop.

Mammy's Shanty boasted that it had the world's best pecan pie. I remember constantly hearing, too, that actor Dick Van Dyke worked there as a waiter for a time. (Van Dyke was, early in his career, teamed up with Atlanta comedian Phil Erickson, who, with his wife Nancy, opened Atlanta's first comedy club, the Wits' End.)

If you have stories of old Atlanta restaurants, please share them. AtlantaCuisine.com has a very thorough list of closed restaurants here.