Omnivore - Shoot me if I order this again

We went to see I'm Not There, the Bob Dylan (sort-of) biopic by Todd Haynes Saturday night, and we ducked into Apres Diem afterward for a light dinner. This in itself was an accomplishment. On Thanksgiving, we went to see No Country for Old Men, with the plan of hitting a Chinese restaurant on Buford Highway afterward to honor the Pilgrims. The violence of the film so nauseated me, I couldn't think about eating. The Coen Brothers ruined my Thanksgiving!

I still enjoy Apres Diem, but I'm tired of suckering myself into ordering the Salade Nicoise (above). I know the restaurant thinks it's doing us all a favor by using a chunk of tuna instead of the canned stuff. Despite the server's insistence that the tuna is ahi-grade, I once again found the stuff repulsively stringy and tasteless. Could it have been ... frozen?

I've complained about this about 50 times, and I'm obviously in a minority. But I'll take the salad made with high-quality canned tuna any day, as it's always been made at Anis, for one example.

I love everything else about Apres Diem, from the ambiance and the hottest servers in the city to the pastas and entree specials. But as God is my witness, I'll never eat the Salade Nicoise again.

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