Omnivore - Wanted: People with cool homes

Urban Living, CL's monthly "Shelter from bland living" section, is back, and looking for a few cool homes. Apartments, lofts and condos are also eligible. If you live in a neighborhood where CL is available and your place is unique somehow — interesting-looking, history-filled or funky fun — leave a comment below with a description, or e-mail chante.lagon@creativeloafing.com.

Maybe your love of film noir has turned your pad into a virtual movie set. Or maybe you've painstakingly renovated the original 19th-century wood design. Commercial kitchen in the basement? Secret hallways? Panic rooms? That's all cool stuff.

Once you leave a comment, we'll follow up and ask for a photo or two. Just keep in mind that if we feature your home in Urban Living this spring, you'll be opening up your home to CL readers ... so tidy up already.

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