Omnivore - Spicy tuna with tortilla chips?

Stephanie Zell writes to recommend Maru Sushi in Smyrna:

Just wanted to let you know about this awesome sushi restaurant that I went to right outside the Perimeter (I'm a Highland dweller, so that's big-time for me to venture for food OTP-unless its on Buford Hwy.). It's called Maru Sushi and it is about a mile outside the Perimeter at 4454 S. Cobb Dr. in Smyrna. The best thing is to sit and talk to the owner/sushi chef and get him to make you specials that aren't on the menu. He made my friend and me this interesting spread with spicy tuna and homemade tortilla chips. Sort of like the tuna was dip. My friend is a regular and says he always just asks the owner to hook him up and surprise him. I would love to see what you think about them. I thought it was fabulous and I am picky about sushi. So if you ever get a hankering to try a new sushi place that isn't absurdly expensive or inside the Perimeter try them and let me know. I read your blog everyday and love to hear what you and your great co-foodies think.

Hmm, I dunno, Stephanie. At first, I thought, "Is this girl for real? She's eating and recommending, uh, sushi-Mex?" Then, after 10 seconds of rumination, countless Mexicans working in countless sushi bars flashed before my eyes.

I have no clue whether Maru Sushi employs Mexicans, but I have long wondered how so many end up in sushi bars. The frequency is so common that Gustavo Arellano took up the question in his popular Orange County column (and book by the same name), Ask a Mexican:

One of the unintended consequences of mass migration is the influx of Mexicans into kitchens and the preparation of ethnic cuisines of other nations. I agree — it's somewhat disconcerting to sit at a sushi bar and have a dark-skinned wab shout, "Domo arigato!" when you down a bottle of sake. But Mexicans are human chameleons, effortlessly adapting to the ways of the land, and pick up all the nuances of their workplace. Eat your sushi in peace ... and don't act surprised if a sliver of jalapeño sneaks into your sacred ahi tuna roll. We trust Mexicans with every other menial-but-important job there is — why not with our crunch rolls?

As I said, I don't have any reason to think Maru Sushi employs Mexican chefs. Here's a map of the restaurant's location. Thanks for the tip, Stephanie!

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