Omnivore - Food 101 and Meehan's Public House have already found you a babysitter

Need a night off? Here's a cool offer for parents in need of some kid-free fun.

Food 101 and Meehan's Public House (the Sandy Springs locations) have joined the Chastain School for "Parent's Night Out" on Friday March 28. This offer extends to anyone in the community looking for experienced child care and a night out.

Parents drop the kids off at the Chastain School (an early childhood development program and preschool) for "engaging activities" such as arts and crafts, games, a pizza dinner (with no soft drinks of course) and an "age appropriate" movie for the kids to fall asleep to. Parents can bring pajamas, toothbrush and sleeping bag so all you have to do is tuck them into bed once you get them home.

Time: 6:15-10:15 p.m. (11 p.m. for an extra $10 per child)

Ages: 6 weeks -12 years old

Costs: $30 per child, $50 for two, $65 for three (children from the same family) Parents can sign up at the front desk. Or call 404.851.0001 to put your name on the list. Visit www.thechastainschool.com for more information. Dinner reservations can be made at either Food 101 or Meehan's Public House. The restaurants will donate 15% of the evening's proceeds to the Chastain School.

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