Omnivore - The best paella I've ever eaten

Here's a pleasant memory ... and the best paella I've ever tasted. The restaurant, whose name I've forgotten, is in Montefrio, outside Granada, in Spain. We rented a house there almost 10 years ago. It was winter and the house, up a mountain side, only had a fireplace and a couple space heaters to keep us warm.

We visited this restaurant down the hill from us twice daily. You had to order a paella during the day for the evening meal. The tables held hot coals covered with heavy blankets to keep diners warm.

It was really a magical, inexpensive vacation (pre-Euro!). When we left for Granada, it began snowing as we drove through the olive groves .

You can see a picture of Montefrio on the website of our host, Lorenzo. Unfortunately, costs are now at least double what they were 10 years ago, thanks to the devalued dollar.

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