Omnivore - Your website is real purty but just about useless

Here's a question we'd love answered: Why do so many restaurants not include their (damn) hours of operation on their website?

Do web designers know something we don't know? Do people go to restaurant websites mainly to look at the flash graphics and glamor pictures of chefs? Or do they go to hear the sounds of people chattering and raking silverware over plates or to hear repetitive, banal mood music?

Do the people who design websites and the people who hire them have any clue how incredibly annoying it is when basic information is missing?

Sunday, I planned to go to Vita for dinner. I checked out the website and found no mention of hours. So I called the restaurant, thinking, "Well, surely, their voice mail system will state the hours." Nope, no voice mail at all.

Then I looked up the new Cakes and Ale in Decatur. Same deal. No mention on the website of hours and no voice mail message.

Around 6 p.m., I called Vita again and got an answer! Yay!

"Are you open?" I asked.

"Yes," the perky person replied.

"What time do you close?" I asked.

"Oh, we're only open for a private event tonight," she said.


Vita and Cakes and Ale are just the most recent I've encountered that don't post their hours. The phenomenon is widespread. Stop it!

(Photo from maedeans.blogspot.com.)

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