Grazing: First Look: Mac McGee's

Irish pub offers inventive, well-executed versions of standard Celtic fare

"Are you having dinner?" our server asked. It was a reasonable question. Mac McGee's (111 Sycamore St., Decatur, 404-377-8050) is an Irish pub with a great whiskey collection, after all. But her voice was tentative enough that I replied, "Yes, is there a problem?"

"I just need to let you know that we're out of a lot of stuff," she said.

"Like what?" I asked. We'd already spent a few minutes scanning the menu.

She then rattled off so many of the menu's dishes that I interrupted, "In other words, most of the entrées and several of the starters."

"Yes," she said. "St. Patty's Day cleaned us out."

Maybe. St. Patrick's Day was four days earlier. A better explanation is the quality of the food at the pub, which opened in January. The chef is Ryan Stewart, who turned the Glenwood in East Atlanta Village into the city's best gastro pub about three years ago.

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(Photo by James Camp)