Omnivore - I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson, that you didn't get out more in Atlanta

Where did Janet Jackson eat in Atlanta?

LongIslandPress.com recently interviewed Janet Jackson about her role in Tyler Perry's new film, Why Did I Get Married Too? It was filmed in Atlanta and interviewer Prairie Miller asked Janet about dining here:

Q: There’s also a lot of eating going on the movie. What restaurants were your favorites in Atlanta, while you were filming?

JJ: Well for myself, I was really diving into my work. So it was about eating…in my trailer! And really focusing on the character, and trying to stay in character. And after, I was just so drained and so tired. And especially having to get up early the next morning, and do it all over again. So I really didn’t eat out. But I do have a favorite vegan restaurant.

Q: Where, in LA?

JJ: Hmm, where am I now? No, in New York! And there’s a restaurant called Veggieland in Atlanta, it’s very good.

I'm sorry Janet didn't get out of her trailer to eat more. But props to Veggieland. I can't think of a vegetarian restaurant in our city that has been around longer. It is located in Buckhead at 211 Pharr Rd. (404-231-3111). It's been mainly positively reviewed by Yelp peeps, including the very carnivorous Foodie Buddha, and I've enjoyed it, too, although I haven't been there in years.