Atlanta food carts take it to the streets

Food carts and trucks seen as next step to bringing new life to city

Although Atlanta rates well in the ranks of America's top restaurant cities, our primary shortcoming is one of tardiness. From high-gravity beers and gastropubs to farm-to-table cooking, and, most recently, the password-entry speakeasy, Atlanta usually embraces culinary and beverage trends long after they've already become familiar to residents of our coastal megalopolises.

The latest food craze sweeping the nation's major burgs, however, is having trouble squeezing its foot in Atlanta's door, not because of consumer ignorance, but because of a maze of outdated laws and, depending on where you live, bureaucratic indifference.

Still, Hayley Richardson is so eager to overcome the legal barriers that prevent her from selling sandwiches on the street from her "treat trike" that she can almost taste it.

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(Photo by Joeff Davis)

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