Grazing: First Look: Eleven in the Loews Atlanta Hotel

Stilettos and odd local food at our newest hotel restaurant

"Not only is the food locally sourced," I noted, "but the female clientele is gorgeous and wears stiletto heels unseen in their sheer height since Joan Crawford staggered around in stilettos in Female on the Beach."

I know. That sounds really gay, but my friend Rose D'Agostino and I both dropped our jaws as we watched the callipygian parade of stiletto-shod women at Eleven, the new restaurant inside Midtown's Loews Atlanta Hotel (1065 Peachtree St., 404-745-5000). We didn't know women still wore such devices of torture.

But Eleven, like most hotel restaurants these days, is sensual if nothing. Although many recently opened hotel restaurants have had to downsize or become more affordable, luxury hotels and the restaurants that accompany them persist in opening despite the economy. And many of them are quite good, even if they exact the toll of high prices and foot pain.

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(Photo by James Camp)