Omnivore - Yeah Burger set to open June 3

Shaun Doty's burger bar coming soon to the Westside.

I walked by Shaun Doty's new restaurant space, Yeah Burger (I can't bring myself to add the capital letters and exclamation points - so I'm an elitist grump, so sue me) the other day. It's situated directly across from the entrance to Abattoir and right now it looks like it's going to be a very cool space with a huge patio.

The press release just hit my inbox saying that the restaurant is set to open June 3. They'll have to work hard to drag my Westside burger love away from Bocado and the masses' Westside burger love away from Flip. But I'm hoping some of the magic of Shaun's, and none of the magic of Doty's taco efforts, make it to this new location.