Omnivore - Web-o-rama, Monday edition

Food news from around the interwebs

John Kessler reports that Joe Truex will be leaving Repast "by the end of the month to pursue a new Atlanta-area venture." Truex's wife, Mihoko Obunai-Truex, will continue as Repast's chef. The two have shared the title of chef since the restaurant's opening in 2006.

Local blogs have some interesting stuff to say about Restaurant Eugene, both positive and negative.

Kevin Gillespie's beard is having a party! Atlanta Magazine's dining blog has the deets. In other, less hairy Gillespie news, Tomorrow's News Today is reporting that the real estate deal for Gillespie's barbecue joint, long speculated to be in the old Brake-O location on Piedmont, has fallen through.

File under: heroes I never knew I had until they died. The creator of the Chipwich has passed away.

The Atlantic food site has a good overview of the White House Obesity Report. But the New York Post isn't too happy about it.