Review: Floataway Cafe

An oasis of dependable and luxuriant chill

If there's one restaurant in Atlanta that's a testament to the power of good food and good reputation, it's Floataway Café. Each time I visit, the drive down Zonolite Road never ceases to confound me. How could any restaurant survive or flourish in such a hard-to-find location, tucked between warehouses down a nondescript street in a part of town that's basically the outer edge of three neighborhoods and the heart of none? And then, walking from the car, glimpsing the aquamarine chairs and canvass umbrellas that make up the between-buildings patio, a sense of tranquility comes over me. Once I step through the door into the calming oasis of the restaurant, I'm smitten all over again.

Floataway is a place you come to be chill. To feel chill. To eat chill.

Two years ago, around the restaurant's 10th birthday, Floataway was given a slight makeover that included turning the former office and pasta-making station into a bar – about the most adorable bar in Atlanta. With the walls painted vibrant, Caribbean blue, clear, blue and green glass bottles lining the bar, and vintage fire-engine red accents, it's as if owners Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison splashed the essence of hipster indie craft aesthetic over the place and then toned it down just enough to feel fancy.

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(Photo by James Camp)