Omnivore - 5 Seasons Westside Location Set for February 2009 Opening

The much delayed 5 Seasons Westside brewpub is finally on track for an opening early next year, according to a statement by the company. The sprawling, 17,000-square-foot restaurant and brewery in the Brickworks at Midtown West will be the largest brewpup in the Southeast, covering three floors, with three separate bars, private event facilities, and indoor and outdoor seating for 400. David Larkworthy will serve as Executive Chef at the Westside location. Larkworthy has won praise for his fresh, simple preparations from local ingredients at the other two locations of 5 Seasons, and will continue the tradition of the farm-to-table concept developed at those restaurants.

Crawford Moran, brewmaster at 5 Seasons North in Alpharetta, will take over the kettles at the new location, where he will have considerably more room to work. "Since we are building the space ourselves we were able to dedicate a huge amount of space to the brewing part of the equation - over twice the size of an average brewpub," Moran says. "That will allow us to serve a huge variety of beers, barrel age beers on a regular basis, cellar age our high gravity beers and offer cask ale on a full-time basis. We are going to do some unique things and explore all the different possibilities that beer can offer."

Jose Tavel of TaC Studios is designing the space with an emphasis on sustainable materials and enviromentally friendly design, while creating a warm, hand-crafted environment that includes a walnut bar, rough-hewn timber beams, and artesian-created light fixtures. The concern for the environment will extend from the waterless urinals to the recycled kitchen oil that will fuel the brewing operations, as well as the Mercedes fire truck that will serve as the restaurant's catering truck.

The 5 Seasons Westside will be located at the intersection of Howell Mill Rd. and Marietta St. The building itself is a redevelopment of an existing 100-year-old brick structure and former industrial hub that is being transformed into a mixed-use retail center.

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