Omnivore - Food Issue feedback

Comments and tips from readers about eating locally in Georgia

I've had quite a number of emails since the 2008 Food Issue came out two weeks ago, with many people writing to recommend resources and businesses, and one admonishment for my unbalanced portrayal of an Atlanta institution. I thought I'd share some of the feedback with you:

Don McGough from the Georgia Farm Bureau wrote to recommend their website as a resource for finding Georgia products.

Janea Boyles, owner of the new Mercantile shop in Candler Park, wrote to tell me about the shop's opening and to let me know they sell local milk and veggies there. Look for a full report in an upcoming Cheap Eats column.

Cheryl wrote to tell me about a CSA she's found in North Fulton County called the Local Food Stop. Cheryl explains, "The goal is to eat locally grown whenever possible but when the seasons change, food does have to come from more regional areas. AnnMarie has promised no food will ever be shipped in from outside the US. This is what makes this program unique in itself. I don't believe the major grocery store chains can claim this." She goes on to say it is also a great value.

Margie Thorpe wrote to tell me about her new business, the Vegetable Husband. She explains it as "a service that delivers weekly baskets of locally grown, organic veggies to your door. So far, I have had a great journey and my clients love getting the produce. Many items are picked the same day which I just find magical."

Jeff wrote to tell me "I found this place on Lawrencville Highway near the Dekalb Farmers Market called Sherry's Produce. I believe its all grown locally. I had the best tomatoes from there this summer. They still had dirt on them so I knew they were fresh. Also this is the only place in Atlanta that I could find small green sour plums when they were in season. Now I just want to find crab apples." Anyone have any suggestions for him?

Cara wrote in defense of the Your Dekalb Farmer's Market: "I surprised that you did not notice or mention the Georgia Trout and the Georgia shrimp that they sell at the Farmer’s market. I think that the Dekalb Farmer’s Market should be commended for stating the source of their product, before anyone cared or was required." She makes a great point.

Also, Chris writes to ask where to buy rabbit in Atlanta. I got mine for the story through a wholesale connection - I'm not sure where to find them retail. Anyone have any suggestions?