Omnivore - An all-day tapas binge

Menu additions at Eclipse di Luna and Pura Vida

Last Friday was an all-tapas day. Eclipse di Luna (lunch) and Pura Vida (dinner) have both added many new items.

Pura Vida's additions, like the ice cream show above, exhibit increasing complexity in presentation and ingredients. This is red-wine ice cream with bits of salty, caramelized feta.

The ice cream borders on the edgy, but "mango y foie" (right) journeys to another galaxy. This is a quivering terrine of foie gras and green mango with a molasses center.

We also sampled a "pizza" made of coconut bread and topped with arugula and palm hearts, along with cheese and several other ingredients. Also: duck cracklings with warm yuca dumplings, pomegranate seeds and cabbage rolls.

Elicpse's menu changes are not as complex. They are hearty and straightforward for the most part.

A good example is this bowl of white bean stew with chorizo. (In the background are new lamb meatballs with a mint-almond chimichurri sauce.) My favorite newbie was the mofongo — plantain dumplings stuffed with artichiokes, in tomato-fennel broth.

Pura Vida, by the way, has not yet opened its planned new downstairs dining room. A peek through the window revealed that it looks ready to roll, however.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)