Omnivore - Cheese diary

On the hunt for good cheese at Whole Foods

I mentioned recently that I bought a chunk of aged goat cheese coated in rosemary at Via Elisa. It's called "Eden" and is produced by Sweet Grass Dairy in south Georgia.

It didn't last long and when I was at Whole Foods on Ponce de Leon Ave. this weekend, I stopped by the cheese counter and asked if they sell the addictive stuff. The answer was "no" but the cheese peeps urged me to try the goat cheddar from Cypress Grove. Sorry, guys, it doesn't come close — not just because it lacks the herbs. The cheese itself just isn't as rich and flavorful. I didn't like it's $19.99 per lb. price, either.

I also bought a chunk of (cow's milk) Parrano, which is technically a gouda, made in the Netherlands. It's described as "Italian-like" and has some qualities of parmesan about it. It's on sale at Whole Foods for only $9.49 per lb. right now. I'm going back tomorrow for more, lots more. It made even a mealy, over-priced, organic Braeburn apple from Whole Foods enjoyable. Honestly, it's a delicious bargain.