Omnivore - I cain't hardly wait!

Actually this, from a news release, sounds kinda cool in a food-nerd sorta way:

Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand, a worldwide leader in perishable food packaging technologies, is hosting the first International Chefs’ Circle Culinary School Contest. The event will be held Jan. 19-21 at Sealed Air’s Packforum Americas facility located near the Atlanta airport.

The contest focuses on the development of new food products and technologies as students from four of the world’s top culinary institutes create gourmet microwavable meals and compete for a grand prize. The students will submit three recipes and then create and package them during the competition. A committee of accomplished chefs from around the world – chaired by Marcus Samuelsson, a recent candidate for White House chef and founder of New York’s acclaimed Aquavit restaurant – will be judging this competition.

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