Omnivore - Move over, Ghetto Burger

Fox Bros. creates an altered-state-inducing burger

Ever since David Cash wrote to tell me about the brisket burger at Fox Bros.-Bar-B-Q, I've been craving it. Last night, after 30 minutes of cardio at the gym, I rushed to the restaurant and ordered one, which I devoured at the bar along with some tater tots. I think this is called neutralizing the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

The thing was incredible. I'm overly fond of brisket, but the jalapeno mayo, the bacon and the melted pimento cheese added to the usual irrresistibility. It was a gigantic serving that put me in an altered state — similar to the way the Ghetto Burger at Ann's Snack Bar makes me nearly comatose.

You gotta try it.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)