Omnivore - Bill Addison's back in Atlanta and bloggin'

Frank Bruni and Ruth Reichl are on alert

Our former dining critic, Bill Addison, is back in Atlanta.

When Bill left Creative Loafing, he moved to San Francisco where he worked at the Chronicle about a year. Then he became critic for the Dallas Morning News. Now, he is dining editor and restaurant critic for Atlanta Magazine. I feel sure this is a temporary gig while he waits for Frank Bruni's job to become available at the New York Times. Gourmet Magazine will likely try to derail that by offering him Ruth Reichl's job.

Meanwhile, you can read Bill's blog, Covered Dish, on the Atlanta Magazine site. (Bill did not choose the name of the blog, by the way.) He's posted a great photo piece about his Chinese New Year dinner.

It is really great to have him back in town!