Grazing: Two in East Atlanta

The Glenwood improves its dining space and the Matador Cantina proves to be hit or miss

The advent of the gastro pub has brought us good food and lots to drink under one roof for usually good prices. But it’s also created a health hazard. I’m talking about second-hand smoke.

Because most of these places qualify as bars, smoking is permitted under the law. Indeed, there’s even the case of the Vortex, which converted its official designation from restaurant to bar in order to let people respire carcinogens. Every gust of laughter in such places turns into a fit of coughing.

Of course, this isn’t much of an issue where the food is really secondary to boozing. But there are places, like the Glenwood (1263 Glenwood Ave., 404-622-6066), where the food is good enough that they attract serious diners who would rather not have to shower and wash their clothes as soon as they get home.

The Glenwood, happily, recently opened a smoke-free dining room that also includes a new wine bar. This is not a grudging accommodation. The new area is separated by sliding glass doors and has its own ventilation system. You won’t catch a whiff of smoke once you’re inside.