Review: Varasano's Pizzeria

Waiting for GA-dough

At the beginning of the year, I was on the coast of New South Wales, Australia, in a sleepy beach community. When my sister's birthday rolled around, we asked our neighbors where we should go to celebrate. They pointed us to a pizza place in a small town about 20 minutes inland. We drove out into the rural rolling hills until we came upon a tiny town called Mullumbimby. In the center of that town was a tiny pizzeria with sidewalk seating and a wood-burning oven.

We ordered a pizza for each of us. A ridiculous amount of food as it turned out, but when the pizzas arrived my mood changed from pleasant vacation stupor to delight. And then quickly to fury.

These pizzas were perfect. Thin, crispy, bubbly crust, fantastic flavor, sauce tangy but not too watery or thick, toppings super fresh, bold, balanced. "Why?" I sputtered to my amused family. "WHY? Why, if they can do it in the middle of nowhere in rural New South Wales, why can't we have pizza like this in Atlanta?"

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(Photo by James Camp)