Omnivore - You gotta <3 the Shed

Love is fried chicken hearts, toast and a fried egg

Here it is! I couldn't resist going back to the Shed at Glenwood tonight for the $3 sliders but I also had to order Chef Lance Gummere's pan-fried chicken hearts over "egg in a basket" — a fried egg inside a slice of toasted brioche.

I could easily become addicted to this. As I wrote last week, when I was a kid, my father and I competed for the heart and gizzard when my mother fried chicken. She would sometimes throw extras into the pan , so we could both get a fix. I told one of the servers tonight that I have only seen chicken hearts on one menu in my life. That was at a soul-food cafe in downtown Augusta over 25 years ago.

I also ordered two sliders. One was a burger made with Wagyu beef. The other featured goat cheese and crimini mushrooms. Both were killer but the Wagyu bordered on trance-inducing.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)