Omnivore - PETA's anti-milk campaign comes to Atlanta

Controversial billboard claims milk and autism are linked

I passed this billboard at the corner of Juniper Street and North Avenue yesterday. It promotes PETA's claim that milk consumption causes autism:

Atlanta — In light of two scientific studies that link milk consumption to autism in children, PETA will display a new billboard that parodies a ubiquitous milk ad. The ad shows a bowl of milk and cereal next to the tagline "Got Autism? Studies have shown a link between cow's milk and autism. Find out more at GoVeg.com."

The bad news is that data from a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that metropolitan Atlanta's rate of 7.6 cases of autism per 1,000 children is one of the highest among the 14 areas studied. The good news is that a study conducted in Norway found a major reduction in autistic behavior in children who were put on a diet free of casein--a component of cow's milk. Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Rome found a "marked improvement" in the behavior of autistic children who were taken off dairy products. Both studies present compelling evidence that should give parents pause the next time they're inclined to say to their kids, "Drink your milk."

Actually, this campaign by PETA, while new to Atlanta, has been around a while. The claim is controversial, to say the least.