Omnivore - Paul Luna found in California

The bad-boy chef has turned into an author

The May issue of Knife and Fork includes this bit of news:

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Chef Paul Luna is writing his first children's book (nothing to do with cooking) in San Jose, California, instead of mooning customers as he once did at Luna Si.

Oh SNAP! If you were in Atlanta 10 years ago, you probably heard about Luna. He was a brilliant chef/owner with a theatrical personality, to say the least. He ejected diners who dared to ask for salt, pointing them toward Houston's. If you were camping at a table and got up to use the restroom, you'd likely find your chair had been removed when you returned.

As his tenure lengthened, and he opened two more restaurants — Eclipse di Luna and Loca Luna — his schtick became more blatantly sexual. The occasional mooning turned into strip tease on the bar at Loca Luna, for example. Eventually, he left town. I often wonder where he is now and I'm glad to get the report from Knife and Fork's publisher, Christiane Lauterbach.

If you never laid eyes on Luna, you should check out Christiane's Atlanta Magazine piece almost 10 years ago.