Omnivore - Zocalo adopts a lunchtime taco menu

The 10th Street restaurant features state-of-the-art <i>al pastor</I>

I've suffered longterm withdrawal from this quesadilla, "la gringa," that  Zocalo sold at its closed Grant Park taqueria. It's al pastor meat with onions, pineapple and cilantro between two flour tortillas.

Now, Lucero Martinez-Obregon has moved the al pastor rotisserie into the kitchen of the Midtown restaurant (187 10th St.) and  la gringa is available at lunchtime with all the other taqueria-style items from the Grant Park location. That means  you can feast on $2.25 tacos filled with everything from carnitas to a chile relleno.

Zocalo's evening menu remains the same, featuring more complex dishes. Lucero, incidentally, recently visited Puebla in her native Mexico as a participant in a Slow Food event devoted to mole.  She says she is "playing" in the kitchen with some new dishes inspired by her trip.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)