Omnivore - The end of Trois as we know it

I heard a rumor this morning that Trois, Concentrics' glittering French restaurant in Midtown, will be closing within the week.  Calls to the restaurant and the restaurant's PR rep garnered a lot of "no comment"s (although PR rep Jill Caramella at the Reynolds Group promised more information by the end of the day). But we were able to find three separate sources who told us, off the record, that the downstairs bar will stay open, probably serving food, while the upstairs dining room is "re-branded". We're told that concept, price point and decor will all be changed. It will no longer be Trois.

We'll keep you posted as the official word comes down.

(Thanks to intern Robyn Baitcher for her intrepid reporting, which contributed to this post)

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