Omnivore - Forgery, burritos and nuclear nachos

Elmyr in Little Five Points offers them all

Oh look, it's a big painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Or is it by Elmyr de Hory, the famous forger of the last century whose story was famously told in Clifford Irving's book, Fake? Whatever, Elmyr (1091 Euclid Ave., 404-588-0250) is a burrito joint with a clever theme.

We ate here recently and had a pretty good meal. I suggest you pass on the nachos with several varieties of chili peppers, including countless jalapenos (right), unless you have a cast-iron stomach. They taste good going down and then....

Wayne ordered a burrito stuffed with grilled fish. I got one that wrapped fajitas — steak and more peppers — and red pinto beans. If you have choice, go for the pintos rather than the alternative black beans. The beans made me nostalgic for the old Tortillas.

Prices are low here and the vibe is very alternative-20s. I'm sure you won't mind being twice the age of the rest of the customers. If you do mind, remember that it's a restaurant that celebrates a forger. Go ahead and pretend you're 22.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)