Omnivore - RA Sushi opens in Midtown

It appears to be an instant hit

We visited three-week-old RA Sushi (1080 Peachtree St., 404-267-0114) last week. The instantly popular spot is part of a chain out of Arizona. It serves some Asian specialties, like the pork gyoza above, besides sushi. In fact, these dumplings were better than most of the sushi we sampled.

I have to say that the salmon skin in this hand roll was much better prepared than you find at most sushi bars, probably because it was made to order.  It was exceedingly crispy and flavorful. Personally, I like this dish made with some Japanese mayo, but only soy sauce was offered to moisten the roll.

The decor of the two-level RA is kind of kitschy, but mainly pleasing. This painting of a naked woman using a dangerously pointy phallic symbol to scratch her back is in the private dining room.

I'll have a full report in Grazing later this week.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)