Omnivore - Tuesday food links: Army cooks, hated menu phrases, and sexy advertizing

A quick roundup of culinary points of interest.

Gourmet's Melissa McCart writes about a recent culinary boot camp experiment to help Army cooks hone their understanding of technique, ingredients and flavor profiles. The chefs who participated in the training were recently deployed to Afghanistan, where they are now making meals for 600 to 800 soldiers at a time.

The Chicago Tribune dining staff ran an editorial story yesterday about all the phrases they hate seeing on menus. "World famous" and "garden fresh" were among their most loathsome

If you liked the Hardee's Biscuit Hole ad that Cliff put up last week, you'll love these new salacious marketing treats. The Western fast food chain Carl's Jr. is featuring MTV The Hills star Audrina Patridge in a television commercial for their Teriyaki Burger - "It's more than just a piece of meat." And Burger King is currently running a marginally creative, super suggestive ad in Singapore for their BK Super Seven Incher burger.