Omnivore - Dynamic Dish reopens, parking goes to hell

The vegetarian cafe will soon serve booze


Dynamic Dish has reopened
after closing a month for remodeling. I lunched there today and the space is much improved, both aesthetically and functionally. There's a new restroom and a much more comfortable bar.

Speaking of bars, owner David Sweeney has applied for a liquor license and you'll soon be able to drink yourself under the table while eating his super-healthy, mainly vegetarian cuisine.

Today, I ordered this sandwich of roasted tofu and carrots with walnut-basil pesto. It came with two side dishes — sliced Georgia cucumbers and South Carolina peaches. It was thoroughly delicious, even if it had twice the garlic any human being should eat before speaking to another human.

Wayne ordered a spicy babaganoush made with Georgia eggplant, tomatoes, chilies, cilantro and sesame seeds, served with toasted pita bread. He also ordered a cold soup of cucumber, yogurt and dill.

We did have an unpleasant experience outside the restaurant. Edgewood Avenue is now lined with parking meters. Wayne put coins in a meter and it kept responding with the word "FAIL." We gave up, went inside and one of the staff suggested we move the car to a side street.

When Wayne went out to do that, a city employee was writing a ticket for the car behind his. He told the guy our experience with the meter and he responded with, "If that's the case, you won't get a ticket."

When we left the restaurant — you guessed it — there was a ticket on the car's windshield.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)